(above) Jerry Meacham, owner of Caney Creek Outfitters

Jerry Meacham, owner of Caney Creek Outfitters in Kansas has a lifetime of experience hunting and fishing.  He has guided clients for moose and caribou above the arctic circle as well as taken them alligator hunting in his airboat in the swamps of Florida where he was born and raised.  In Florida Jerry had a commercial and charter fishing background and was a spearfisherman and shellfish harvester.  For over thirty years Jerry ran a hunting outfit in Alabama where deer season lasted nearly four months and the limit was “a buck a day”.  There were times in his “Bama Days” when twenty deer were hanging on the meat pole at one time!  Jerry knows deer hunting!  He has guided hunts in Kansas since 1998 and was in on the ground floor when the state opened its doors to non-resident deer hunters.  Jerry has hunted extensively in most all the western states and taken most of the North American big game animals many times over.  Jerry has worked as a hunting and fishing guide during the past 20 years in Alaska.  Jerry once operated a floating lodge in Alaska only accessible by boat or float plane and was a licensed transporter for bear hunters. For the last 18 years he has owned and operated AAA Sportfishing Company in Ketchikan.  He holds a 100 ton U.S. Coast Guard captains license.  Jerry was a professional firefighter and EMT for seven years and was named firefighter of the year by the City of Cocoa Beach in Florida.  Jerry trained at the Kennedy Space Center and was certified by Nasa as an Astronaut Rescue Diver during his firefighter days.  Jerry is not only passionate about the outdoors but he is superbly qualified to put you in a position to be successful on your next hunt in Kansas with Caney Creek Outfitters.

(above)  Lance Woods, Senior Guide
Lance is the quintessential outdoor adventurer.  For instance, as I write this in March of 2017 he is crossing the Arctic, solo, from West to East, on a snow machine.  And no, it’s not his first time across. How about his trip on a motorcycle from Kansas to the tip of South America. Did I mentioned he skied the entire Iditarod trail by himself?  He has guided in Alaska, is a phenomenal trapper, and has even been a taxidermist. Enough said! Lance is super friendly, extremely helpful to the guests, does not talk a whole lot, and will never brag on himself.  He is the hardest worker I have ever met and never complains. He is of Norwegian descent and it simply cannot be too cold for Lance.  I have seen him sleep with no heat and the windows open at 8 below zero.  I am not kidding!  He does have his kryptonite though; he cannot tolerate warm temperatures or snakes, any snakes, even non-poisonous ones!   He is my go to guy for all we do in Kansas that falls under the “hunting” category.  Whether it be tracking, skinning, caping of your trophy buck, or the care of your venison,  Lance is an expert at all of it.  He is the best I have ever seen.  I swear he ranks right up there with Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett.

(above)  Bo Chambers, Cook
Bo has a past of running wild and playing in a Rock and Roll band!  Bo is from South Carolina and he has a catering business with his biggest winter food service job being working at The Masters Golf Championship.
Bo loves hunting especially archery deer and Spring Turkey.  Bo cooked for us for a couple of years way back when.  He reminded me when he came this year that he served the first meal ever eaten by the guests in our
current lodge.  Bo said that the lodge was not nearly ready 8 or 9 years ago when this all happened and he showed up to cook for us having never seen the operation.  He recalls he said ” why are we eating in this trailer
when we have a new lodge over there.  I said it isnt ready… He said… Turn the gas on!  We are eating over there TONIGHT!  And so it was…. Bo did a good job this year and we appreciate his help.

(above)  Michael Brogan,  Guide –  Mechanic – Construction – Maintenance

Michael, lives in Connecticut with his lovely wife Terry.  They have three boys and one girl ranging in age from 16 to 33.  After serving in the Navy Michael went to work for, and later retired from, Otis Elevator.  Michael is very mechanically inclined and we could not keep the lodge operational without his skills.  Michael loves the outdoors and has been a hunter all his life.  Job and family obligations didn’t allow him as much time in the outdoors hunting, snowmobiling, or riding his four wheeler as he might have liked, but he still never missed a deer season opener in New York state except when he was away in the Navy.  Michael is from the Northeast and I often goodheartedly tease him about being a “Yankee”.  Yes he has a heavy accent but so do I!  Michael is a man of few words.  He genuinely enjoys helping our guests get their buck.  Among his many duties Michael helps our hunters check their weapon at the target range when they first arrive in camp.  He is up early every morning dropping off hunters at their deer stand and picks them up later in the day.  Michael assists Lance with removing the deer from the field and getting them field dressed and skinned.  Michael usually has a huge punch list of projects and repairs that I am hoping to get done.  We basically build and repair constantly at the lodge and without him our operation would grind to a halt.  Michael is quiet and reserved.  He is methodical in everything he does and only does things the “right” way!