By-Jerry Meacham

April 27th, 2017 is the deadline for applying for your Kansas, Non-resident, Either Sex, Whitetail Deer Tag. Don’t wait till the last minute! Don’t risk something going wrong with their computer system by waiting to apply. You may apply online at the Kansas Wildlife and Parks Website. Applications can also be made by phone at 1-800-918-2877. Your deer tag will cost $442.50 for adults and $117.50 for youth under 16 yrs of age. Don’t accidentally apply for an antlerless deer tag! Be aware that you must pick a weapon type at time of application. In other words, select the season you will be hunting such as: Archery, Muzzlelaoder, or Firearms. At the time of application you must also select the “deer management unit” that you will be hunting. The land that we hunt is in UNIT 12. Be aware that there is an “adjoining unit” option available to you at the time of application for your deer tag. This option allows you to apply for two units as long as the units physically touch one another. By following the unit selections I have provided my hunters have never failed to draw a tag in the past, NEVER!  IF YOU DO NOT APPLY CORRECTLY AND ON TIME, OR DO NOT USE THE SERIES OF UNIT CHOICES OUTLINED BELOW, YOU ARE NOT ENTITLED TO A REFUND IF YOU DO NOT DRAW YOUR TAG.

1st choice—-Unit 11 and Unit 12.
2nd choice—-Unit 12 and Unit 11.
3rd choice—-Unit 14 and Unit 12.
4th choice—-Unit 13 and Unit 12.

Make sure you understand that every choice you make must contain Unit 12 as one of the pair of units. When the tag is issued it will allow hunting in each of the two units in the pair. Once more at the risk of repeating myself we are ONLY HUNTING IN UNIT 12, the series of two unit choices is simply a way of playing the odds of drawing your deer tag.
You will also need a Kansas annual hunting license for $97.50 for adults and $42.50 for youth under 16yrs of age.

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